Sycamore Run

early childhood center

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Sycamore Run

Sycamore Run is more than a childcare center. We offer a program that is intentionally created to honor childhood! We believe that children deserve to grow up in a loving, supportive community.

We intend to create an environment that is not bound to the traditional confines of "work" and "school;" rather, we are interested in making Sycamore Run feel like home.

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Environmental Education!

Our school is located on 2.5 scenic acres, including 3 separate play spaces, an extensive vegetable garden, and several nature trails.

We observe, predict and reflect upon life cycles and natural processes as we explore the outdoors together all year long. We invite guests from the outside community to share their expertise and to add to the children's knowledge and experience.

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Conflict Resolution!

Our program philosophy emphasizes the development of emotional literacy. This means talking about feelings, listening to the feelings of others, "making good choices," and fostering positive relationships among all members of the community - children, teachers, and families.

We are fortunate to have years of experience, the legacy of the River Valley Community School, and many professional contacts to support our efforts to help every child succeed.

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Fruits and Vegetables!

We support our local food economy. We serve local and organic produce for snacks, locally sourced vegetarian foods for lunch, and we supplement our menu with fresh produce straight from our garden!

Additionally, our "edible play-yard" includes a variety of berry patches and fruit trees for children to pick and eat as they enjoy playing outdoors. We participate in the NAP SACC program, as well as in Michelle Obama's Let's Move initiative.

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Community Building!

Each quarter, our school hosts events to encourage families to get to know each other outside the rush of pickup and drop-off times.

We enjoy potlucks, dramatic performances, parent forums, and pool parties together. We consider our school community to be one big family, and encourage everyone to contribute.

We believe that the compassionate and respectful relationships modeled by the adults in our community teach the children how best to relate to one another, and to the wider world.